MRI Systems

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MRI Systems

Magnetica designs and develops state of the art compact 1.5T and 3T MRI systems for extremity imaging. Our patented asymmetric technology enables the design of compact superconducting magnets and custom designed Gradient Coils and Radio Frequency Coils.

Magnetica’s 3.0T Extremity or Orthopaedic MRI System weighs less than 500kg whereas a whole body generalist MRI system mass is greater than 5,000 kg.

Compact Superconducting Magnets

Smaller, lighter, faster, and more economical MRI. Our compact asymmetric superconducting magnets have been designed so that the patient does not need to be positioned so far inside the MRI system, thereby providing a better patient experience.

Magnet Shimming

Magnetica has passive shimming software based on numerical optimisation algorithms. Spherical and non-spherical imaging zones of symmetric and asymmetric magnets with high inhomogeneity can be effectively shimmed to the required homogeneity target using this software.

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