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Compact MRI Systems

Musculoskeletal / Extremity Imaging

Neurological / Head Imaging

Compact MRI Systems (1.5T and 3T)

Compact MRI Systems for dedicated applications

Magnetica designs and develops 1.5T and 3T MRI systems for dedicated musculoskeletal / extremity and neurological / head imaging. We are enabling a world where accurate and compact MRI systems unlock opportunities for enhanced clinical diagnostic imaging services closer to the patient point-of-care.

Magnetica’s 3T Musculoskeletal / Extremity MRI System weighs less than 800kg compared with a whole body MRI system where the mass can exceed 5,000 kg.

Key enabler: Compact Superconducting Magnets

Our high / very high field magnets are smaller, lighter, and help to deliver a more economical MRI system, whilst maintaining the gold-standard of imaging quality expected by clinicians. Compact MRI systems using our technology are capable of being installed and operated in a range of new locations previously inaccessible to whole-body MRI systems, opening up a range of opportunities for the operator.

Our compact, superconducting magnets are designed using our asymmetric magnet IP. Shifting the imaging zone towards the patient chair/bed improves patient comfort by reducing how far the limb or head being imaged needs to be moved into the MRI system.

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