Next Generation MRI Technologies

Magnetica™ specialises in engineering Next Generation MRI technologies.

We activate strategic partnerships with leading independent MRI manufacturers, system integrators and resellers to commercialise our technologies worldwide, enabling gold standard imaging close to the patient point-of-care.

Together with our partners, we design and develop MRI systems and components that unlock new market applications, enhance imaging capability, increase workflow efficiency, and provide greater patient comfort.

Our Methodology



Design Evolution



Our Global Footprint


200+ MRI systems worldwide using our licensed technology


National Patents Granted


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Compact and Dedicated MRI Delivers Quality Outcomes For



Improved clinical experience – Our dedicated imaging systems are comfortable, quieter and non-claustrophobic.

Access to advanced imaging close to their point-of-care.



High field 3T clinical quality extremity imaging of hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles and feet, as well as neurological imaging of the head.

The opportunity to undertake advanced diagnostic imaging in sports, remote, disaster and defence settings.



Lower purchase costs.

Lower installation costs.

Lower operation and treatment costs.

Higher patient throughput.

Optimise clinic efficiency – balance scanning workload across MRI systems.



We are enabling a world where accurate and compact MRI Systems unlock opportunities for enhanced clinical diagnostic imaging services closer to the patient point-of-care.

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