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Gradient Coils

Clinical / Pre-Clinical / Research Applications

ISO 13485 approved systems

Sophisticated In-House Modelling / Simulation Capabilities

To verify performance parameters are achieved.

Passive / Active Shimming Options

MRI Gradient Coils

Magnetica designs and manufactures Gradient Coils for its own MRI systems as well as clinical, pre-clinical, and research systems to meet customer requirements.

Gradient Coil realisation is achieved through the use of:

  • Sophisticated modeling and advanced numerical simulations of coil configurations to verify performance parameters are achieved;
  • Inclusion of passive and active shimming methodologies;
  • Appropriate location of RF shielding to meet system-level performance requirements;
  • Efficient and effective manufacturing techniques, using dedicated gradient manufacturing plant and equipment;
  • Thorough testing throughout the build process, ensuring quality is maintained; and
  • ISO 13485 approved systems.

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