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We are committed to continuously improving and working to achieve high standards of sustainability within our business and the products we deliver.

Renewable energy usage

Our head-office and manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia, enjoys significant sunshine every year. We have ensured that we are operating in a facility that has solar panels installed. In collaboration with our Landlord and their preferred energy provider, we are working to utilise renewable energy whenever possible; a key part of our overall electricity consumption mix as a business.

Our products and enabling technologies

Helium is the only element on the planet that is a completely non-renewable resource. Helium is becoming scarce. As such the price of this important element continues to increase.


Superconducting magnets are at the heart of all high-field MRI systems. Almost all superconducting magnets in clinical-use applications today rely upon traditional designs that utilise significant amounts of liquid helium (LHe) to keep the magnet at the cryogenic temperatures required to enable superconducting magnets to work.


Our innovative dry-magnet technology removes the need for any LHe, ensuring our market offerings have a reduced environmental impact throughout their operational life compared with more traditional technologies.

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Innovating for a greener planet...

Our dry-magnet technology negates the need for a liquid helium supply chain to support the superconducting magnet over its operational lifetime – just one way we are working to ensure we minimise the environmental impact of our products.

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