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Compact MRI Systems

Musculoskeletal (MSK) / Extremity Imaging

Installing and operating a compact MRI system provides more efficient workflows for clinicians and an improved experience for patients. When compact magnets utilise Magnetica's patented asymmetric technology, the knee, wrist, hand or foot to be scanned does not need to be positioned as far inside the MRI system.

Neurological / Head Imaging

Our magnets, together with matching gradient coils and RF coils, ensure high quality dedicated Neuro imaging that can be delivered in a range of locations.

Compact MRI Systems (1.5T and 3T)

A 1.5T MR system is around 30,000 times stronger than the Earth's magnetic field, and a 3T MR system is double that. Three tesla systems allow for higher SNR as well as increased image resolution capabilities, which is crucial for MR imaging.

Compact MRI Systems for dedicated applications

Magnetica designs and develops 1.5T and 3T MRI systems for dedicated musculoskeletal / extremity and neurological / head imaging. We are enabling a world where accurate and compact MRI systems unlock opportunities for enhanced clinical diagnostic imaging services closer to the patient point-of-care.

Magnetica’s 3T Musculoskeletal / Extremity MRI System weighs less than 800kg compared with a whole body MRI system where the mass can exceed 5,000 kg.

Compact MRI Systems Key enabler: Compact Superconducting Magnets

Our high / very high field compact superconducting magnets are smaller, lighter, and help to deliver more economical and smaller MRI systems, whilst maintaining the gold standard of imaging quality expected by clinicians. MRI systems using our technology are capable of being installed and operated in a range of new locations previously inaccessible to whole-body MRI systems, opening up a range of opportunities for the operator.

Our compact superconducting magnets are designed using our asymmetric magnet IP. Shifting the imaging zone towards the patient chair/bed improves patient comfort by reducing how far the limb or head being imaged needs to be moved into the MRI system.


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