The Team

Resolve |Evolve |Productise

Magnetica’s Management team offers a high level of expertise and experience in the commercialisation of Australian technologies, IP development and management and specialised industry experience in the global medical device and the superconducting magnet industries. It oversees a high performing team passionate about advancing and productising Next Generation MRI technologies. 

Duncan Stovell

Duncan is an experienced executive, having successfully fulfilled a range of commercial and technical roles in high-tech companies, operating within medtech, energy, mining, defence and communications industries.

Stuart Crozier

Founding inventor of Magnetica's key technologies, Professor Stuart Crozier is also the Director of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Queensland.

Karen MacLachlan

A chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Business. Karen specialises in providing CFO services to growth and emerging corporates.

Magnet Design Specialist
Riyu Wei

Dr Riyu Wei has been a key member of the Magnetica team for over 10 years. Riyu holds a PhD. in Computational Mechanics with a particular expertise in mechanical engineering, structural analysis, design and advanced computational modelling.

Mechanical Engineer
William Smith

William is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years experience in manufacturing, new product development and machinery design.

RF Coil Designer
Ewald Weber

Ewald Weber is a specialist in the development of medical imaging equipment, systems, and manufacturing of RF coils. Ewald has designed a large variety of multi-functional pre-clinical and MRI coils.

Electrical Engineer
Steve Hickey

Experienced in product development, instrumentation, test and measurement, and modelling, Steve investigates the thermal performance of gradient coils and its manufacturing documentation.

Industrial Designer
Adam Wood

Adam is an Industrial Designer with experience across a range of manufacturing industries. His strengths include product development, CAD design and documentation, and designing for manufacture.

RF Coil Engineer
Ivan Hughes

Ivan Hughes is an RF coil engineer and is experienced in the design and development of MRI RF coils with multi-channel or multi nuclei at various field strengths as high as 21T.

MRI Technologies Design
Feng Liu

Associate Professor Dr. Feng Liu, is a specialist in MRI superconductor magnet design. Feng’s expertise lies in medical imaging, MRI hardware design, electromagnetic analysis and cardiac electrical function imaging. He holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering.

Manufacturing Operations
Leesa Murray

Leesa Murray, leads Magnetica’s manufacturing operations, quality and procurement program. Leesa has a Bachelor of Informatics with Honours degree from Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

IT Systems & Procurement

Kevin Yeh

With dual Masters in Electrical Engineering & Marketing and able to speak four languages, Kevin is responsible for sourcing R&D services and production activities.