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RF Coils

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Radio Frequency (RF) Coils

Magnetica tailors world class MRI solutions to meet the needs of today’s researchers and clinicians, combining cutting edge R&D with in depth experience of technology commercialisation. We specialise in the design, and manufacture of high-performance RF coils for clinical, pre-clinical and research applications.


We utilise a range of powerful simulation and modelling tools, including Sim4Life, to optimise our designs for safety, effectiveness and performance before prototyping commences. Verification and validation is undertaken on our products to ensure the finished products meet customer, clinical and regulatory requirements.

We design and manufacture:

  • Volume, surface and multichannel phased array coils tailored to specific applications;
  • Transceive or receive-only operation modes, configured to existing coil control units;
  • Single, double or broadband tuning;
  • Integrated low noise amplifiers;
  • Volume coils equipped with active detuning for neurological/head or musculoskeletal/extremity imaging;
  • Coils for small animal imaging, optimised to customer specific applications;
  • Double tuned coils for combined MRI/MRS;
  • Multichannel proton imaging coils with integrated low noise amplifiers; and
  • RF coils in compliance with ISO 13485.

Featured Product: Head RF Coil

Head RF Coil – 8 Channel (Receive-Only) For TMS and/or fMRI Studies

Magnetica’s 8 channel receive head RF coil has been optimised for use in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and/or functional MRI (fMRI) studies. Operating at 3T, the RF coil includes integrated pre-amplifiers and active detuning.


The coil features a large diameter, clear bore to allow for optimal access to the patient’s head and precise positioning of the TMS coil. The head RF coil has a split design for easy patient access, has been designed to maximise comfort and includes a mirror for TMS-fMRI applications.


The RF Coil is certified as a Medical Device, compliant with CE according to Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

Head RF Coil Magnetica
RF Head Coil with patient Magnetica

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