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Superconducting MRI Magnets

High / Very High Field Strengths

Our high / very high field compact superconducting magnets are smaller, lighter, and help to deliver a more economical MRI system, whilst maintaining the gold-standard of imaging quality expected by clinicians.

Asymmetric / Symmetric Design Options

Magnetica's compact superconducting magnets are designed using our asymmetric magnet IP. Shifting the imaging zone towards the patient chair/bed improves patient comfort by reducing how far the limb or head being imaged needs to be moved into the MRI system.

Conduction / Cryogen Cooled Options

A conduction cooled magnet removes the need for a life-long liquid helium supply chain and a vent pipe (required to exhaust gaseous helium to atmosphere when cryogen-cooled magnets quench).

Compact Superconducting Magnets

Magnetica has key engineering design capabilities and experience that allows development of high-performance superconducting MRI magnets, with a focus upon compact magnets for dedicated applications utilising:

  • Symmetric and asymmetric (patent protected) designs;
  • Helium free (conduction-cooled) and traditional cryogen-cooled technologies;
  • High and very high field strengths; and
  • Unique and bespoke designs.

Our design methodologies:

  • manage stresses within compact dimensions;
  • lower manufacturing costs;
  • prevents quenches; and
  • ensure magnet safety.

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