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Radio Frequency Coils

Magnetica tailors world class MRI solutions to meet the needs of today’s researchers and clinicians, combining cutting edge R&D with in depth experience of technology commercialisation. We design, develop and manufacture innovative high performance preclinical and clinical RF Coils and accessories for MRI systems.

Clinical Research Human Applications

Magnetica specialises in the design and manufacturing of RF Coils for human imaging applications in clinical research, at all field strengths, but particularly for high field MRI scanners.

  • Multichannel proton imaging coils with integrated low noise amplifiers.
  • Double tuned coils for combined MRI/MRS, with customisable combinations of nuclei to suit any application and most scanners.

We design and manufacture volume, surface and phased array coils tailored to specific applications.

  • Volume coils for head, knee, wrist, foot, and ankle.
  • Multichannel coil arrays optimised for parallel imaging techniques.
  • Hybrid coils, incorporating transmit volume coils and matched multichannel receive arrays, single or double tuned.

RF Coils for Vertical and Horizontal Bore Magnet Systems

RF Coils, probe bases and animal handling systems are designed to fit all major commercially available preclinical and clinical MRI scanner platforms. Dimensions are matched to standard gradient coil systems.

  • Probe bases with integrated or exchangeable RF Coils for NMR, MRI/MRS.
  • RF Coils for small animal imaging, tailored to customer specific applications.
  • Animal handling systems for a large variety of animal species.
  • Animal beds with integrated anaesthesia and temperature control.

A large range of volume, surface and phased array coils are available.

  • Volume coils (solenoid, saddle, bird-cage) equipped with active detuning.
  • Phased array coils, multichannel, with integrated low noise amplifiers.
  • Surface coils in a large range of diameters, transceive or receive-only operation modes, tailored to existing coil control units.
  • Single, double or broadband tuning.

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