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Introducing the Future of Extremity MRI: The Magnetica Compact 3T System

Prototype system. Not available for sale in the USA.

Welcome to Magnetica.
Thank you for your interest in our technologies and for visiting us at RSNA 2023.

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2023 has seen significant advancement in developing and commercialising our prototype high-field compact 3T extremity MRI system. Those who stop by our booth at RSNA 2023 will agree that our excitement is palpable as we unveil the future of extremity MRI to the MSK industry.


Although spread across 3 continents, our team has worked together closely to prepare our system for its first public showcase, with RSNA 2023 providing the perfect platform.


The Magnetica high-field compact 3T extremity MRI system offers a suite of features designed to improve efficiency, safety and patient comfort.

Superior image quality to optimise diagnostic outcomes
Improved workflow & patient comfort
Helium-free technology for reduced environmental impact
Versatile, light-weight & simple installation

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3T extremity MRI system - knee
Prototype system. Not available for sale in the USA.

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