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Capital Raising Outcome Announcement

Capital Raising Outcome Announcement

Publication Date: 18 January 2023

Shareholders approve increase to Avingtrans’ ownership in Magnetica as part of Capital Raising

On the 30th November 2022, Magnetica Limited (the Company) announced a capital raising totalling A$11.1M at A$0.05 per share. The Company proposed to retire A$4.35M of debt (loans from Avingtrans) by converting them to equity and the raising of A$6.75M of new funds. The new funds will be used to support its ongoing operations, primarily being the continuation of its compact MSK (musculoskeletal) extremity MRI system commercialisation activities.

Following an Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of the Company on the 16th January 2023, a resolution in relation to the capital raise was carried. Obtaining approval from non-Avingtrans shareholders cleared the final hurdle in the process to enable an increase of Avingtrans’ voting power in Magnetica and the provision of financial benefits to Avingtrans.

The outcome of the capital raise will see the:

  1. retirement of debt on the Company’s balance sheet, by converting A$4.35M of loans into equity and issuing new shares to Avingtrans;
  2. issuing of ~A$0.54M of new shares to non-Avingtrans investors, both new and existing, who took up the opportunity to participate in the capital raise via both a Placement and Share Purchase Plan; and
  3. drawdown of ~A$6.21M of new equity funding from Avingtrans in tranches in the coming year, with new shares being issued for each tranche.

The company plans to allot the shares for items 1 and 2 above on the 27th January 2023, once remaining administration tasks have been completed.

Avingtrans’ ownership in Magnetica will increase from a current ~61% shareholding in the Company to ~74%, once all of the funding tranches have been drawn down.