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RSNA 2023 welcome sign

RSNA 2023: A Landmark Event for Magnetica

RSNA 2023 blog banner showing McCormick Place, Chicago, the backdrop for the event.

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Quick summary: Magnetica’s participation at RSNA 2023 focused on unveiling our innovative 3T musculoskeletal (MSK) extremity MRI system prototype. It also showcased our collaborative efforts with the Televere Systems team and our support of the exclusive Bone Dinner, an event instrumental in fostering professional discussions in radiology. Magnetica envisions ongoing innovation and future exhibits at RSNA, reinforcing our commitment to leadership in the MRI technology sector.


RSNA 2023, a Pinnacle of Radiological Innovation

RSNA 2023, a Pinnacle of Radiological Innovation

Magnetica’s journey to RSNA 2023, held at Chicago’s McCormick Place, wasn’t just about participating in an exhibition; it was a testament to our dedication to revolutionising MRI technology. As a frontrunner in MRI innovation, we chose this event to unveil our 3T MSK extremity MRI system prototype to the radiology community for the very first time.

The responses from those who viewed it were very encouraging and provided resounding validation for our team, who has worked tirelessly on the project for many years.

What is RSNA, and why does it matter?

What is RSNA, and why does it matter?

The Radiological Society of North America is a non-profit organisation representing professionals globally in radiologic specialties. In addition to its top peer-reviewed journals and industry activities, the organisation hosts its annual meeting, conference, and exhibition each year, known as “RSNA” – the world’s largest event of its type. This year 40, 661 professionals registered to attend, up from 38,000 in 2022.

The evolution of RSNA throughout the years has provided a rich legacy of the development and launch of radiological advancements in the MRI market. Since its inception in 1915, the RSNA conference has always been a hub of groundbreaking presentations, innovation and state-of-the-art attractions in radiology.  It has a rich history of over 100 years of supporting and growing the industry.

From keynote speeches by industry pioneers to interactive sessions on the latest technology, RSNA has consistently set the stage for future advancements in medical imaging.  It is the perfect vehicle and launch pad for our products to be strategically presented to our musculoskeletal community peers. For this reason, we chose to unveil our prototype MSK extremity MRI system here in 2023.

McCormick Place, Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city and hosts the RSNA conference each year. The late November date for the 2023 event provided a unique and exciting backdrop, and we were treated to an early winter show of snow, quite a novelty for some of us in attendance!

In addition to this, Chicago was decked out in festive finery, offering a beautiful location for the event with the holiday season approaching.

Christmas in Chicago

Unveiling the 3T Extremity MRI System Prototype at RSNA 2023

Unveiling the 3T Extremity MRI System Prototype

Amid the general excitement of RSNA 2023, Magnetica unveiled its revolutionary 3T MSK extremity MRI system prototype. Alongside our sister company, Adaptix (who shared our exhibition space), our team, including Antonio Augello, Duncan Stovell, and Scott Riley, engaged with a diverse range of visitors, forging new relationships, capturing valuable leads and nurturing potential strategic partnerships.

As mentioned above, this was the first time we showcased our prototype to the public, and the reception was fantastic. Exhibiting alongside 690 exhibitors, we had a steady stream of valuable foot traffic to our booth. Our helium-free high-field system is unique in the industry, providing many benefits to technicians and patients. We are now well on our way to commercialising the product and if the reception from RSNA 2023 delegates is any indication, we have exciting times ahead.

You can take a closer look at the specifics of our system in our data sheet.

Here are some behind-the-scenes images of the process of staging our launch at RSNA 2023:

Bump in and setup at RSNA 2023
Bump in and setup at RSNA 2023
The Magnetica booth, close to completion.
The Magnetica booth, close to completion.
Our prototype 3T MSK extremity MRI system is unveiled to the public for the very first time.
Our prototype 3T MSK extremity MRI system is unveiled to the public for the very first time.

Expanding the MRI Arena and Raising the Magnetica Profile

Expanding the MRI Arena and Raising the Magnetica Profile

Magnetica’s presence at RSNA 2023 highlighted our innovation and, like all the events we attend, also provided valuable insight into the competitive landscape of MRI technology. We observed and compared other products and brands in the space, and we are even more convinced of the uniqueness and value our helium-free 3T MSK extremity MRI system offers the industry.

This observation underscores Magnetica’s ingenuity in the field. It also fortifies our resolve to intensify the company’s marketing and commercialisation efforts.

2023 has been an exciting year for Magnetica’s growth, and if our 2024 projections are any guide, our trajectory looks excellent.

Fostering Relationships and Looking Towards RSNA 2024

Fostering Relationships and Looking Towards RSNA 2024. Magnetica sponsors the 2023 SSR-ISS MSK Radiology "Bone" Dinner.

RSNA 2023 was many things for Magnetica, not the least of which was an opportunity to build lasting relationships and explore future strategic partnerships. Our sponsorship of the SSR/ISS Bone Dinner and the signing of the USA Distribution Agreement with Televere Systems are testaments to our commitment to expanding our reach and impact in the radiology community.

The Bone Dinner: A Celebration of Radiological Excellence

The Bone Dinner, co-sponsored by Magnetica (with Veritas and AprioMed), was yet another highlight of RSNA 2023 (there were so many)! It provided an exclusive platform for professionals from the SSR and ISS membership community to discuss the latest advancements in radiology and a way to connect with professionals in a relaxed and less formal environment. This type of setting invites more intimate conversations and allows our connections to ask in-depth questions about our technologies without the hustle and bustle of the exhibition activities. Of course, backed by a good glass of wine, these conversations can be lively but fruitful (excuse the pun!).

Partnering for Success with Televere Systems

Many months in the making, we were able to finalise and announce our U.S. distribution agreement with Televere Systems during our time at RSNA 2023. This was indeed the cherry on top of an excellent year for Magnetica, and we were grateful to have the Televere team by our side during the conference.

The Televere Systems team proved invaluable during the event for our jetlagged team, and their assistance in setting up and operating our booth was instrumental.

Going forward, this partnership not only facilitated a crucial step in our commercialisation process, but during RSNA 2023, it also fostered deeper connections within the industry.

Finalising our US distribution agreement with Televere Systems.
Finalising our US distribution agreement with Televere Systems.

Ending 2023 on a High Note

RSNA 2023 was a landmark event for Magnetica. The successful launch of our 3T MSK Extremity MRI system, our newly announced U.S. distribution agreement, and the overwhelming reception we received from our peers place us firmly on the cusp of a new and exciting era for our company.

And our journey doesn’t end with RSNA 2023. Magnetica is committed to participating in future RSNA events and many other key global events on the MSK calendar as we continue to evolve and grow our technologies. Our vision for the future is clear: to remain at the forefront of medical imaging innovation.
We look forward to continuing our path of innovation and excellence in radiology.

Keep an eye on our tradeshow page for updated information about the next event we will be attending and to access our most current resources to assist your planning.

And here is a further behind-the-scenes look at our time in Chicago for RSNA 2023:


Televere Systems logo

Magnetica Limited Appoints Televere Systems, LLC to Bring Helium-free MRI Solutions to the U.S. Healthcare Market.



CHICAGO, Nov 30, 2023 – Magnetica Limited, a pioneer in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Televere Systems, LLC, a leader in radiography product distribution.

The landmark agreement appoints Televere as the official U.S. distributor for Magnetica’s products.

Effective from 29 November 2023, the collaboration was officially unveiled at the annual RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) 2023 event in Chicago and represents a significant milestone in Magnetica’s expansion strategy, reinforcing its commitment to providing advanced MRI solutions to the U.S. market.

Groundbreaking MRI Technology

Magnetica is developing state-of-the-art technology using ultra-compact superconducting magnets in an MRI technology that will operate without liquid helium. Magnetica plans to seek FDA clearance for the product by mid-2024. 

Duncan Stovell, CEO of Magnetica, expressed enthusiasm about the distribution partnership, stating,

“We’re excited about the potential our Helium-free MRI technology holds and confident that in Televere, we have chosen the perfect partner to bring it to the US market. Televere is a dynamic, innovative and customer-focused organisation with a strong track record of success. This new partnership will support both companies’ growth strategies by enabling easier access to state-of-the-art MRI technology.”

Randy Quaal, General Manager of Televere, said,

“With a dynamic team of over 40 professionals, our team is well positioned to represent Magnetica’s products effectively and our alliance with Magnetica is a significant step forward. The versatility of Magnetica’s products aligns perfectly with our mission to meet and exceed customer expectations in the radiography field and we’re looking forward to bringing this innovative new technology to our US customer base.”


For media enquiries, please contact:

Tanya Love
Magnetica Limited
+61 (0) 7 3188 5445

Mike Hollis
Televere Systems, LLC
+1 801 808 7530

Notes to editors:

About Magnetica Limited

Magnetica Limited is a pioneering developer and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of compact high-field MRI systems. At the forefront of MRI technology for many years and following a merger with Scientific Magnetics and Tecmag in January 2021, Magnetica specializes in innovating lightweight superconducting MRI systems for dedicated applications. The company’s unique approach utilizes cryogen-free superconducting magnets, requiring significantly less infrastructure than traditional MRI systems and making them ideal for numerous non-traditional locations. With a mission to revolutionize MRI technology through compact and efficient designs, Magnetica is committed to making advanced imaging more accessible and user-friendly.

Visit https://magnetica.com for more information.

Follow Magnetica Limited:



About Televere Systems, LLC

Televere Systems, LLC (Televere) is a leading distributor in the radiography sector, privately owned and incorporated in Texas, USA, in 1996.  The company offers a range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of the medical imaging community. Televere has been in the digital imaging business for over 25 years, offering advanced technology for managing digital images and maintaining products in the medical, podiatry, dental, veterinary, disaster relief and industrial markets. Learn more at https://televeresystems.com.

The Magnetica team at our booth at ISS 2023: 50th Annual Meeting: Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Meeting

Pioneering Progress: Highlights from MSK 2023

Highlights from the MSK 2023 Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting

Length: 4-minute read.

Quick summary: Bringing together industry leaders from across the globe, the MSK 2023 Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting was held in London in October 2023. Hosted for the first time by the International Skeletal Society (ISS), Magnetica was a proud sponsor and attended the event in the lead-up to the launch of our compact MSK extremity 3T MRI system.


MSK 2023 – When it comes to groundbreaking research, innovative techniques, and collaborative efforts in musculoskeletal medicine, nothing compares to the annual MSK Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting. As one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the medical calendar, MSK 2023 promised to be a hub of knowledge-sharing, networking, and professional growth. It delivered this in spades.

The field of musculoskeletal medicine has advanced rapidly in recent years. From cutting-edge surgical techniques to revolutionary new technologies, this realm of medicine is ever-evolving. MSK 2023 offered a unique platform for professionals from various disciplines to come together and discuss these vital advancements.

Unveiling MSK 2023: The Future of Musculoskeletal Care

MSK 2023: The future of musculoskeletal care

London offered the perfect backdrop for the MSK 2023 Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting, held in October. This year marks the first time the event was hosted by the International Skeletal Society (ISS), providing over 1100 in-person attendees from the musculoskeletal industry with opportunities to participate, exhibit and study.


The joint meeting was also the first to include all international MSK specialty societies, with representatives from across the globe in attendance.

The comprehensive agenda across the five days of October 8-13, 2023, included social and networking events, case presentations and scientific sessions, radiology-pathology-surgery musculoskeletal and ultrasound courses and an exhibition, product demonstrations and a trade show. Presentations included sessions on sports medicine imaging and musculoskeletal disease.

Hosted by the International Skeletal Society

ISS logo

With the ISS at the helm, this year’s program emphasised the organisation’s mission to encourage the collaboration of professionals dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and therapy of musculoskeletal disorders.

MSK 2023 served as a launchpad for some of the latest advancements in musculoskeletal technologies, and delegates enjoyed access to presentations by many senior industry representatives. These people are the industry’s trailblazers, training the future of radiology and paving the way for ground-breaking developments in orthopaedics, rheumatology, and physiotherapy.

Events such as MSK 2023 allow the exchange of ideas, the creation of professional relationships and strategic partnerships to provide a rich, current view of the state of musculoskeletal therapies. With ISS facilitating this year, this proved even more accurate, and the QEII Centre proved the perfect venue.

Magnetica and MSK 2023

The Magnetica team at MSK 2023

Joined by our General Manager of Business Development, Antonio Augello, and MRI Market Advisor, Peter Penfold, CEO Duncan Stovell represented Magnetica at the event, with a consistent stream of visitors to our booth.

ISS presidents

Incoming and outgoing ISS Presidents visit Magnetica’s booth.

Some very interesting discussions over coffee, while Antonio is hard at work.

Our sister company, Adaptix, was also exhibiting, and a broad range of societies attended the meeting.

The enthusiasm for the upcoming commercialisation of our compact MSK extremity 3T MRI system was tangible and very encouraging as we prepare to introduce our product to the MSK community.

We have many exciting activities planned for the coming year. Please visit our events page if you’re interested to learn where we will be exhibiting next.