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Pioneering Progress: Highlights from MSK 2023

Pioneering Progress: Highlights from MSK 2023

Highlights from the MSK 2023 Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting

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Quick summary: Bringing together industry leaders from across the globe, the MSK 2023 Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting was held in London in October 2023. Hosted for the first time by the International Skeletal Society (ISS), Magnetica was a proud sponsor and attended the event in the lead-up to the launch of our compact MSK extremity 3T MRI system.


MSK 2023 – When it comes to groundbreaking research, innovative techniques, and collaborative efforts in musculoskeletal medicine, nothing compares to the annual MSK Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting. As one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the medical calendar, MSK 2023 promised to be a hub of knowledge-sharing, networking, and professional growth. It delivered this in spades.

The field of musculoskeletal medicine has advanced rapidly in recent years. From cutting-edge surgical techniques to revolutionary new technologies, this realm of medicine is ever-evolving. MSK 2023 offered a unique platform for professionals from various disciplines to come together and discuss these vital advancements.

Unveiling MSK 2023: The Future of Musculoskeletal Care

MSK 2023: The future of musculoskeletal care

London offered the perfect backdrop for the MSK 2023 Global Musculoskeletal Societies Joint Meeting, held in October. This year marks the first time the event was hosted by the International Skeletal Society (ISS), providing over 1100 in-person attendees from the musculoskeletal industry with opportunities to participate, exhibit and study.


The joint meeting was also the first to include all international MSK specialty societies, with representatives from across the globe in attendance.

The comprehensive agenda across the five days of October 8-13, 2023, included social and networking events, case presentations and scientific sessions, radiology-pathology-surgery musculoskeletal and ultrasound courses and an exhibition, product demonstrations and a trade show. Presentations included sessions on sports medicine imaging and musculoskeletal disease.

Hosted by the International Skeletal Society

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With the ISS at the helm, this year’s program emphasised the organisation’s mission to encourage the collaboration of professionals dedicated to advancing the diagnosis and therapy of musculoskeletal disorders.

MSK 2023 served as a launchpad for some of the latest advancements in musculoskeletal technologies, and delegates enjoyed access to presentations by many senior industry representatives. These people are the industry’s trailblazers, training the future of radiology and paving the way for ground-breaking developments in orthopaedics, rheumatology, and physiotherapy.

Events such as MSK 2023 allow the exchange of ideas, the creation of professional relationships and strategic partnerships to provide a rich, current view of the state of musculoskeletal therapies. With ISS facilitating this year, this proved even more accurate, and the QEII Centre proved the perfect venue.

Magnetica and MSK 2023

The Magnetica team at MSK 2023

Joined by our General Manager of Business Development, Antonio Augello, and MRI Market Advisor, Peter Penfold, CEO Duncan Stovell represented Magnetica at the event, with a consistent stream of visitors to our booth.

ISS presidents

Incoming and outgoing ISS Presidents visit Magnetica’s booth.

Some very interesting discussions over coffee, while Antonio is hard at work.

Our sister company, Adaptix, was also exhibiting, and a broad range of societies attended the meeting.

The enthusiasm for the upcoming commercialisation of our compact MSK extremity 3T MRI system was tangible and very encouraging as we prepare to introduce our product to the MSK community.

We have many exciting activities planned for the coming year. Please visit our events page if you’re interested to learn where we will be exhibiting next.