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ENC Conference 2024: Tecmag Celebrates Over 40 Years as an Exhibitor. MAG mugs on the beach at Asilomar.

ENC Conference 2024: Tecmag Celebrates Over 40 Years as an Exhibitor

ENC Conference 2024: Tecmag Celebrates Over 40 Years as an Exhibitor blog header banner

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Quick summary:

Quick summary: Join us in revisiting the ENC Conference 2024, where Tecmag, Inc. marked its 41st appearance showcasing our NMR, NQR and MRI technologies and spectrometers at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California.

ENC Conference 2024: 41 Years and Counting

ENC Conference 2024: 41 Years and Counting blog banner. ENC Conference logo.

In early April, Magnetica subsidiary Tecmag participated in an event we have supported for decades, and like previous years, it was a resounding success.

This year, our attendance at the 65th Experimental Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Conference (ENC Conference), marked our 41st year of continuous involvement and exhibition at the congress, a testament to our long-standing commitment to contributing to the NMR and MRI scientific communities.

Hosted from April 7th to April 11th, ENC 2024 was again at the scenic Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, California, providing a visually stunning backdrop and all the benefits of the Californian climate for delegates to enjoy.

Following Tradition: Four Decades of Continuous Tecmag Representation at ENC Conferences

Scott Riley and Earl Emery from Tecmag in the Curlew Suite at ENC Conference 2024.

Our journey at the ENC Conference spans over four decades, reflecting our dedication to and evolution within the magnetic resonance industry. This year, as in many before, the ENC Conference provided a perfect opportunity to connect with the scientific community and showcase our spectrometer technology, reinforcing our role as industry leaders.

Asilomar Conference Grounds Provides a Unique Experience for Conference Attendees

As mentioned, for the second year running, Asilomar Conference Grounds was selected as the venue for the ENC Conference. The region, known for its stunning coastal landscapes and beautiful natural environment, provided a unique backdrop and experience for delegates seasoned to expect a standard exhibition format for these kinds of events. The beachside setting fosters relaxed but engaging discussions and offers a tranquil retreat where ideas and innovations flourish.

Unlike other similar events, the layout for the ENC Conference spans many different free-standing buildings and “suites,” inviting delegates to visit vendors one by one and enjoy their hospitality in a completely different construct.

For Tecmag, our participation included hosting our visitors in the welcoming “Curlew” hospitality suite. Each evening, after the day’s sessions concluded, attendees were treated to an open fire, pizza, drinks and even a salad bar to recharge and share lively discussions. The atmosphere created was one of collaboration and camaraderie, the perfect setting to build professional relationships and exchange ideas.

Montage of three images: Curlew Suite sign, ENC Conference directions sign and the Tecmag booth complete and awaiting visitors at the Asilomar Conference Grounds.
Montage of three images: Pizza by the open fire, visitors to the Tecmag Curlew suite at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, salad bar provided for guests.

The Tecmag MAG mug

Tecmag MAG mugs on the beach at Asilomar Conference Grounds.

One of our highlights each year is the custom promotional items we design for our visitors to enjoy, exclusively available at the ENC Conference. For 2024, we created the “MAG Mug”. The vibrant blue and white ceramic mugs, combined with last year’s 40th-anniversary cups, became instant favourites. Along with our Tecmag USB thumb drives, our supporters left our suite laden with goodies, making our booth a popular spot for visitors.

The MAG Mugs also provided a fun narrative for our social media as they “visited” different locations across the grounds, mapping out the experience for those unable to attend.  Check out how the fun went down on the Tecmag Instagram account.

Montage of three images: Tecmag MAG mug “visiting” the chapel, Doty Scientific and Tomco exhibitor displays during ENC Conference 2024.

ENC Conference Program Highlights

The conference’s success can be attributed to the exemplary leadership of co-chairs Matthew Rosen of Massachusetts General Hospital / Martinos Center and Malgorzata Marjanska from the University of Minnesota. Their efforts ensured a diverse and enriching program that covered a wide array of topics, from small molecule NMR and solid-state NMR to the latest advances in MRI and artificial intelligence applications in magnetic resonance. The wealth of insightful presentations also featured biomolecular NMR, DNP, and other hyperpolarisation techniques, as well as NQR and earth’s field NMR.

The Tecmag brand received great recognition and support during poster and oral presentations, highlighting the impact of our technology on current research projects and underscoring the reputation of trust and reliability that we have earned over the years.  With distinguished customers and institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Wayne State University, North Carolina State University, UC Davis, Los Alamos National Lab, Tel Aviv University, George Mason University, University of California Berkeley, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Max Plank Institute, NIST, ABQMR, and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory all endorsing our products and mentioning Tecmag by name we are encouraged to continue building and refining our market offerings.

Tecmag MAG Mug “attending” the presentation of Professor Warren Warren at ENC Conference 2024.

Looking forward…

We are grateful to every participant who stopped by our booth and engaged with our team during the ENC Conference 2024. These interactions are invaluable as we strive to learn the future possibilities of magnetic resonance technology. We look forward to continuing to serve the scientific community and eagerly anticipate the opportunities for growth and learning at future conferences.

The annual ENC Conference is a great forum for scientific exchange, and Tecmag’s long history with the event is a testament to its commitment to advancing NMR and MRI technology. As we reflect on the event, we are inspired and excited about the future.

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SSR 2024: Exploring Innovation and Partnerships

SSR 2024: Exploring Innovation and Partnerships blog banner

Length: 4-minute read.

Quick summary: The Magnetica team attended SSR 2024 conference in Puerto Rico in early March. There, we had opportunities to foster collaborations, receive expert feedback, and gain further insight into the reception of Magnetica’s technology in the musculoskeletal radiology community. This article invites you to relive our experience at SSR 2024.

Society of Skeletal Radiology 47th Annual Meeting, Puerto Rico.

Society of Skeletal Radiology 47th Annual Meeting, Puerto Rico – blog banner with SSR logo

In early March 2024, the picturesque setting of Caribe Hilton San Juan, Puerto Rico, served as a vibrant backdrop for the Society of Skeletal Radiology (SSR) 47th Annual Meeting. Team Magnetica exhibited and attended the SSR for the second year running, and the level of engagement from delegates cemented it as a pivotal event for our company.

SSR is an organisation whose members are board-certified in radiology and highly engaged in the industry across the US and Canada. Their professional practice must primarily focus on musculoskeletal radiology, making this an important audience for Magnetica to connect with and showcase our products.

The SSR 2024 program revolved around the conference and AGM, which took place from March 2nd to 6th and the exhibition from the 3rd to the 5th. Our team at Magnetica was among almost 600 attendees, a mix of in-person and virtual participants eager to delve into the latest advancements in musculoskeletal radiology. We were privileged to showcase our company alongside other industry players such as Canon Medical, BD, Samsung Healthcare, AIRS Medical, Philips Healthcare, IZI Medical, and Gleamer.

Image montage from SSR 2024. Sponsors logos including Canon, Philips, BD, Gleamer, Samsung, AIRS Medical and IZI Medical.

Magnetica Embraced by the MSK Community

4.	Magnetica Embraced by the MSK Community – Magnetica team and Jeff Scharff from Televere Systems at the booth at SSR 2024.

Our booth, strategically located adjacent to the San Cristobal Ballroom, became a focal point for many attendees. Throughout the event, we connected with a large portion of the in-person delegation, conversing with many people we hadn’t met before and familiar faces alike.

Again, the enthusiasm for the MSK MRI system we are developing was very positive. This favourable response and sense of eager anticipation from those in our network reinforce our commitment to securing FDA 510(k) approval and delivering high-quality imaging solutions.

SSR 2024 Provides Valuable Opportunities and Insights into the MSK Industry

Antonio Augello from Magnetica gathers insights into the industry as he speaks with visitors at the company’s booth at SSR 2024.

The conference agenda was packed with opportunities for learning and networking. Breaks and the lunch period provided prime times for people to visit the Magnetica booth, resulting in valuable discussions and opportunities to learn about our prototype product.

Our team had several one-on-one discussions with key industry opinion leaders, fortifying our knowledge of the community and understanding of its pain points. We even managed to squeeze some time into our schedule to attend the industry breakfast sponsored by Canon, plus other deep-dive presentations by notable presenters such as Dr Jan Fritz (NYU Langone Health Associate Professor and MSK Division Chief). Presentations like these provide invaluable insights into research, clinical trials, and system design to help us refine our prototype product’s feature set to meet the nuanced needs of the radiology community.

Televere Systems Complete the Magnetica Team at SSR 2024

The Magnetica and Televere Systems team at SSR 2024.

SSR 2024 was a testament to the vibrant community of MSK radiologists dedicated to incorporating new technology into their practice. Joining us on our booth was Jeff Scharff, Senior vice president of imaging at Televere Systems. Televere was recently appointed our US distributor and their presence on our booth at SSR 2024 showcased our partnership, with their expertise complementing our own advancements.

As we reflect on the success of SSR 2024, we look forward to an even bigger and better SSR 2025, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with anticipation. This event has solidified its status as a must-attend for organisations like ours, who are at the forefront of merging technological advancements with medical practice.

Moving forward, the insights garnered from this event will fuel our efforts to bring our long-awaited 3T MSK extremity MRI system to market.

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